7 Weeks. 7 Designs.

Over the course of the next 7 weeks we will be releasing all the shirts from our Patterns of Life line… one each week. Every shirt has a unique story to tell, so stay tuned for them all. The week following the shirt release will be filled with posts and tweets centered around the theme of that week’s shirt. The schedule will be:

However, you have a chance to change how all that goes. You can help bump up the release date for a particular shirt by letting us know you would like it sooner. “How do I do that?”, you ask. Just use the “tweet” and “like” buttons at the top of the product page for the shirt you like:

  1. Tweet out “I want my ________________ shirt and I want it now! #folklabel (fill in the description of the shirt you want)
  2. Like the shirt with your Facebook account.
  3. That’s it!

We’ll be listening and if enough people start a rumbling loud enough for us to hear. We’ll bump up the release date for that particular shirt. How fun is that!

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