So Nice To Meet You

​​We had a lot of fun out at The ATL Locals popup shop last night. Thanks for the invite @atlgathers πŸ˜€! I really loved getting to connect with so many new people; hearing their stories and sharing the inspiration for each design. One girl said “these are so much more than JUST TSHIRTS.” Makes me really happy to get to share that feeling with others seeking something made with ❀️ and soul. Most of my selling is done online, but getting to interact with people and see their reaction to the products is #amazing. It’s just hard to convey the passion poured into each shirt through a screen πŸ“Ί… not to mention how soft and high quality the shirts are. I feel inspired and want to do more in-person events. Let me know if there are any you think I should participate in.

Passionate Excuses

Are you pursuing your passion? Do you know what your passion is? Passion and interest are NOT the same thing. Passion is BEYOND interest.

I have found and continue to find many excuses in pursuit of my passion(s). I have a wide array of interests, but finding and dedicating myself to something passionately is difficult. I always seem to come up with excuses of why I should not pursue my passions. Why is this? For me (and probably many of you), I think it’s the fear of stepping into uncertainty and who knows where it might lead. On one hand, it may lead to someplace great… on the other it may fail and that is what has the tendency to hold us back,


We don’t let that fear of the unknown be a reason not to explore beyond our comfort zone. I think we are pre-programmed to want a certain amount of certainty in our lives. When it all boils down to it, we are, in essence, great guessing machines. We spend our entire lives learning about the world around us an applying that knowledge to what we think may happen in the future. If you ever touched something hot and got burned, you tend not to do it again. Therefore, certainty helps keep us safe by keeping us from doing things that may injure us. So certainty = safety and uncertainty = danger. Right? That’s not necessarily true. The future is always unknown. We never really KNOW what is going to happen, we just apply our most educated guess. What is uncertain could actually turn out to be quite wonderful.

What if we redefine the risk of stepping into the unknown as part of a journey without defining WHAT IS and WHAT IS NOT success? What if we just looked at stepping into the unknown as a chance to learn more about ourselves and explore the opportunity that may lead to? What if we chose to look out at that “limb” we’re thinking of exploring with the unfettered curiosity we had as kids. A curiosity that wants to explore the possibilities swinging from that limb instead of falling off of it, Perhaps that limb will lead us out to other extended branches that allow us to step out into much more than the safety of the trunk.

How about you? Are you going to venture out on the limb or cling to the trunk?

This was quite an inspiring talk on passionate pursuit. Give it a watch if you have a few mins:

The Gap

I have definitely felt the uneasiness about my creative work in the pit of my stomach. At times I have been overcome by it and stopped creating.

I felt compelled to create Folklabel from my core. I had no experience in the apparel business or design. But, something pushed me forward. At times I have thought “what is the point in this?”… “they are JUST t-shirts”. The designs I have created hold deep meaning for me, beyond being an article of clothing. But, for the most part, many of the things I create seem to mean more to me than they do to any one else…. but maybe that’s the point… maybe inspiring myself IS the point and I just need to press on creating for me and not worry what everyone else thinks…