“People who soar are those who refuse to sit back, sigh and wish things would change. They neither complain of their lot nor passively dream of some distant ship coming in. Rather, they visualize in their minds that they are not quitters they will not allow life’s circumstances to push them down and hold them under.” ~ Charles Swindoll

The preparation was grueling. The flights were challenging. But the views… the views were spectacular!

The approach to the Martin airport runway was made even more difficult by less than ideal weather conditions that increased the challenge of landing a plane in the mountains. But after soaring over the last mountain a phenomenal view presented itself: beautiful green fields surrounded by breathtaking  views on all sides. However, landing was bittersweet  since the conditions put the flight 4 hours past the scheduled arrival time and the entire welcoming party had departed.

Nevertheless, the plane was right on time for one man. A man named Peter, whose daughter Andrea had booked his time with Fly for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) nearly two months before the plane landed. 63 year old  Peter greeted the plane with the exuberance of a young boy eager to find out what it felt like to soar amongst the clouds. The anticipation was so great that in the months prior he “forgot about MS for the first time in 30 years” while waiting for the plane.

Fly for MS is a non-profit endeavor dedicated to fighting MS through hope and inspiration. The organization was founded and funded by Andrei Floroiu, a former Wall Street investor. Andrei became involved with MS through his dealings with biotechnology companies developing MS drugs. Through this research he was exposed to the lives of those with MS and has been forever changed. He also realized hose little most of us know about MS and the lives it touches. “The personal stories, challenges, hopes, desperation and unbelievable strength of those with MS made him realize that awareness about the disease is as important to those living with it as the research in which he was investing.”

The Fly for MS crew soars around the world raising awareness and support by offering sightseeing flights to MS patients with the hopes of inspiring them and strengthening their resolve. Along the way the group also transports patients to treatment they normally would not be able to afford themselves.

Their inaugural journey in 2010 flew to 31 countries in 75 days with roughly 36,250 miles logged. To put that in perspective, there have been over 4,100 successful climbs on Mt. Everest but fewer than 300 people have flown a small plane for such a distance on a single trip.

“We will push ourselves and our plane to the limit, yet the challenges of our journey pale dramatically in comparison to the ones faced by those with MS in their daily battle with a terrible disease.” ~ Andrei Floroiu

Discover your wings!