Featured Video Review of Folklabel At IAMTHETREND.COM

Big news Folks! Adam over at IAMTHETREND TV posted up a review of a couple products I sent him.

IAMTHETREND Review's Folklabel

I’m stoked about having Folklabel’s products reviewed by Adam. Anybody in the indie apparel world is familiar with IAMTHETREND and that he really knows his stuffs when it comes to tees because he’s also a sales associate over at Threadbird (quality screen printing). He does video reviews of products on a regular basis, so be sure to keep checking out the site. BTW – Video reviews are awesome!

Be sure to check out his Facebook & Twitter as well.

Adam rates all his shirts using the 4 P’s of Tees:

  • Packaging
  • Printing
  • Price
  • Presentation

Hmmmmm… wonder how Folklabel will stack up… let’s watch and see:

The Tee Gazette Features Folklabel!

Big thanks to the fine folks over at The Tee Gazette for spotlighting Folklabel in this post.

The Tee Gazette features the bestest tees around… obviously ;o) The site’s founder, Kelly is a huge fan of indie t-shirt brands and also owns her own t-shirt brand, saucewear. You can usually find her on Twitter, socializing with her fans, or also blogging for one of her various websites. Be sure to give her a follow on Twitter!

Gettin' some <3 from The Tee Gazette