Enjoy The Ride

I’ve received lots of cards over the years for many different occasions… birthday cards, Christmas cards, thank you cards, etc. Some funny, some serious, some in-between, but they were all given by very caring people. However, after the occasion I didn’t know what to do with them, so I started saving them in a box I had laying around. One day a couple years back, when I was moving, I stumbled across this shoebox full of old cards. At that point I had to decide… pack them up and move them or let them go. Since I never looked at them anyway, I decided to cherish the memory they had given me, but let them go. Nowadays, I typically keep the card through whatever the occasion, but after that it gets gone. Well, there’s one card I got that was different. It was just a very simple birthday card I got from my dad and his wife that had this on the front:

and this on the inside:

It brought me to tears upon reading it because it instantly brought back the memory I had of learning to ride a bike. As with most people, I didn’t get it on the first try, but after trying and trying and trying some more I finally figured it out and was so happy… I COULD RIDE A BIKE! I couldn’t wait for my dad to get home from work that day, so I could show him what I could do. This is the picture he took of me proudly demonstrating my newly discovered skill (standing up for full effect nonetheless):

This birthday card found a permanent place on the side of my refrigerator as a reminder of that experience and served as the inspiration for my first shirt in the Patterns of Life line: Enjoy The Ride. I hope it brings back some pleasant memories for you as well… and helps you create some new ones as you wear it.

This ones for you Dad! Thanks for cheering me on.

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