Feeling Inspired

One of the questions I’ve been asked a lot since starting Folklabel is where the ideas for the shirts come from. Well, most of them develop over time. I keep several sketchbooks around where I jot down ideas as I feel inspired. Some may start as a phrase or quote, others from and image or ideal. At the time, I usually just rough out the idea in the sketchbook… capturing the essence of the thought, but not exactly representing what the finished product would look like. Then, over time I’ll come back and spend some time playing around with different lettering and graphics until I hit on something I like.

The idea for Inspire came from the quote:

“People who inspire others are those who see invisible bridges at the end of dead-end streets.” ~ Charles Swindoll

When I thought about the feeling that inspiration brings, it conjured up the image of broadcasting. Broadcasting takes one signal and sends it out to many. This is what happens when you feel inspired. You want to shout if from the mountain top to let everyone know. I love being inspired because it makes the impossible feel possible.

True inspiration resonates deeply with who you are and what you’re passionate about. It’s a place where work becomes fun and time ceases to exist.

Find what moves you and share it with the world!

Take a look through the sketches. What do you think… did I pick the right one to use? Or do you prefer one of the others? Let me know.

Just one of the many notebooks where I keep ideas:

This is the one I went with, but later decided to drop the “your world” banner because I felt like it was implied with the globe… less is more:

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