Geared for Life

“To make our way, we must have firm resolve, persistence, tenacity. We must gear ourselves to work hard all the way. We can never let up” ~ Ralph Bunche

There is a simple beauty that exists in complex machinery. The mechanical rhythm of individual parts moving in conjunction with others for a common goal. The turning of one gear to turn another, each has a purpose, but must find the right groove in order for the whole thing to work together as a system.

Nick Sambrato is a man who has heard the calling simply-complex machinery. Nick runs Mama’s Sauce, a boutique print and design shoppe in Orlando, Florida. There, a small band of craftsman utilize Letterpress equipment from days past to transform ordinary paper into works of art. Nick believes, “Letterpress machines are beautiful. They move incredibly – you instantly see the ingenuity behind it and think of the great minds that put this together. It’s mind boggling.” (read the full interview by Grain & Gram here)

Part of his fascination of the machines comes from their transparency. Unlike many of today’s products that get encased in a sleekly designed outer shell, Letterpress machinery is completely visible. The individual parts are exposed, allowing you to follow the entire process with your eyes and ears.

Take a look:

Nick Sambrato, Printmaker from Grain & Gram

It is obvious from Nick’s words, the focus of his gaze, and the sweat on his brow that he as found the groove where he belongs. That is what Geared for Life is all about (read more about the design inspiration here).

“By showing and striving for quality in what you do, you can show that you are striving for quality in who you are.”

Find your groove!

Image via Mama's Sauce blog

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