Live 4 Each Day

Image via Flickr user Tiberiu Ana

Brad Feld is an early riser. He usually gets up around 5am on any given day. Upon waking he typically enjoys some time alone to spend on whatever he chooses… although much of it is typically spent doing things on his computer.

His wife, Amy, on the other hand gets up around 6:30. Brad treasures his alone time, but once Amy is up they begin each day with “four minutes in the morning” – spending a minimum of four minutes every morning 100% focused on each other.

The “four minutes” they spend together may actually vary from 15 to 60 (or more), depending on what’s going on in their lives – there’s no egg timer involved. The duration is not what matters, it’s the intention behind it; beginning each new day focused on one another.

They are both extremely active individuals, but remain dedicated to this routine because it keeps them grounded in their relationship before they head out into their days of busyness and other distractions.

What do you live 4 each day? Many times our days are spent in the whirlwind of our own lives from sunrise to sunset. Spend some time outside yourself… a few moments can make a world of difference.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” ~ Albert Einstein

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